Luckis Kinderland

Children’s playworld - the outdoor playground and winter fun-park for children in Merano 2000 family ski area is called Luckis Kinderland, named after the ever-present mascot Haflinger horse Lucki.
The play area for the youngest is located directly at the summit station of the Merano 2000 cable car. This way parents can keep a guarded eye on their young ones. Admittance to Luckis Kinderland behind the cable car summit station is free of charge. At Luckis Kinderland there are three moving walkways and flat, wide runs for beginners.

There kids have enough possibilities to enjoy snow skiing, playing, coasting and having fun with other children. And all this while their parents are watching them relaxed from the bistro's sunny terrace. The kids are supervised all day long at Mini Ski Club and at the ski school. Lucki, the horse mascot for kids and families, accompanies little skiers throughout the ski area. The mascot is a big help in terms of helping kids feel comfortable on the slopes, as well.

In front of the new Panorama Bistro has opened the so called "family hall". After first experiences on the slopes, children can play with other kids in the playing doll corner. Additionally there is also the possibility to consume self-brought meals.
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